Shorten the cycle from idea to impact.

We help you incubate new ideas and bring them to life; and we help you define a powerfulInnovation pipeline with insightful ideas which are more than ready to build significant growth in the coming future.


Innovation Readiness Assessment is designed for organizations to understand, uncover and unblock

  • Process capability and mindset level barriers that can hinder  innovation
  • Mindsets and rhythms that will be required to build an innovative culture acros the organization





The outputs from this process would outline specific action and strategies your company can adopt to enhance the innovation culture significantly. You would get the results of this exercise in the form of

  1. Detailed documentation of the gaps in innovation performance
  2. Helping and hindering forces to innovation
  3. Clearly outlined Action agenda to pursue your innovation agenda


Customer appreciation

I have known Bhupendra since 2005, when we asked him to help us with product innovation research in India. He did publish a book and we conducted couple of roadshows which were very well received.

I have invited him in various platforms to share his views on innovation, and find his work very insightful and fresh in perspective. I have found him to be involved in various other path breaking initiatives. He is pursuing a very important project which would determine future innovation opportunities for India, I look forward to the outcome and wish him success.

Nelson Dias, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific


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