Shorten the cycle from idea to impact.

We help you incubate new ideas and bring them to life; and we help you define a powerfulInnovation pipeline with insightful ideas which are more than ready to build significant growth in the coming future.

Building Innovation Pipeline

The purpose of Building Innovation Pipelines is to prepare organizations to proactively introduce new solutions within their business, in order to maintain a healthy growth rate and to build a portfolio of new ideas for the business.


innovation pipelineWe would enable the organisation in not only building the ideas but helping them filter from the many ideas that may get generated and convert them into convincing propositions. At the approval stage these propositions would be put through a prioritization process and masked for execution through the coming months


  • A portfolio of 5-10 new ideas and concepts to be implemented in the short to medium term. A portfolio of 2-5 ideas and concepts to be implemented in the medium and long term.
  • A customised methodology put in place for it to be repeated every year.


Customer appreciation

Bhupendra has a very insightful thought process towards understanding the organization needs basis the industry dynamics. His interpersonal skills enable a strong introspection amongst the operating teams, which helps in detailing a direction for strategic road-mapping. A very exciting experience interacting with him on a personal and professional perspective.

Dr. Aayushman Gupta, CXO, Leadership Role (Consumer Ind.)-Strategic/Turnaround/P&L; Executive Coach for Leadership Team; Exp-20 yrs+
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