Shorten the cycle from idea to impact.

We help you incubate new ideas and bring them to life; and we help you define a powerfulInnovation pipeline with insightful ideas which are more than ready to build significant growth in the coming future.



How do you create an innovation agenda for your organization?

Where do you innovate in the business to see the maximum impact?

What capabilities are required to succeed in the pursuit of an innovation agenda?

How do you source and create new ideas ?

Nxtlyf offers an engagement which would help organizations find answers to the above and help with experimenting and building approaches and capabilities to innovate in such that not only is there a clear and suitable method but also successful innovations that would have created significant benefits for the business and organization.
For organisations to innovate on a regular basis this excercise would help build capability in the organisation from two angles

  1. Institutional: Platforms and processes that would enhance the success rate of initiating and pursuing innovative ideas to build better business performance
  2. Individual: Skills to enhance a higher rate of innovative ideas being generated




  1. Institutional
    1. Access to organisation operating model and its processes
    2. Two days from the identified innovation process champion
    3. Workshop venue
    4. Individual
      1. Two days of participants involvement
      2. Workshop venue

Customer appreciation

Bhupendra’s passion around Innovation & Innovation Strategies has no boundaries. His in-depth and unique insights in Organisational and Leadership Innovation are compelling. An amazing team leader he brings out the best in all those who work with him whether it is teams; clients or partners. An absolute pleasure to know and work with Bhupendra.

Managing Director Public Affairs at IPAN HILL & KNOWLTON, Sudha Sarin
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