• Action Research:  We have an active ‘Searching and Seeking’ program that works towards identifying emerging thoughts/trends/ideas in the innovation start-up space across the region. Through our strong partnerships in the social innovation space, academia and with business reporters/journalists, we will be first stop for anyone looking to know what is cutting edge in the innovation practice in the region. As we build this resource, we plan to build and maintain a dashboard that tracks the life-cycle of innovative ideas across the region.

o We will soon introduce an E-magazine on the Innovation ‘Search and Seek’, please check back soon….

• Creation Research: We engage in our own research both in the field through our innoventuring partnerships as well as through rigorous scholarship to which informs our own innovation practice. This research helps us in the development of new frameworks and tools and helps identify creative and non- linear approaches to the definitions of success and outcomes.
o New approaches to training methodology (through an engagement with neurocognitive sciences, embodied knowing, narrative and perspective building)
o Open-up pollinationstion between various disciplinary approaches/methods

• Project/Client based Research
o Identify the cutting-edge ideas in the domain
o Apply our cornerstone ideas of foresight, generativity and emotive abundance lens to the search tools to identify the most unique ‘innovations’ in that domain