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The testimonials below are unsolicited feedback from our customers who gave us permission to quote them.


S Sivakumar
S Sivakumar CEO - Agri Business, ITC Ltd.
…to evolve the next phase of ITC eChoupal…your insightful facilitation encouraged us, to see ourselves, and those we work with, in new and constructive ways. The team coming out of the whole exercise is far more aligned to one another and to the organizational goals than that went in…your templates and tools, particularly “insight search dialogues” and “solution insighting for scale”, have demonstrated to us that there are many ways to achieve a goal, and that the solution may often be found through the most unexpected means or members of the team..
Alok Gupta
Alok Gupta President Global Steel & CEO - Essar Retail

For me what stands out in our engagement is your immense ability to agitate the mind which opens new windows. You are able to guide the teams and help them to mine ideas and a create higher level of ownership towards agreed goals

Kamal Bali
Kamal Bali CEO & President - Singapore Technologies Kinetics (Leeboy)

We have no hesitation in putting on record the great success that we have achieved in crafting a highly innovative Business Model, thanks to your deep and intense intervention and the insightful tools and the unique framework that you deployed in this process. In the context of the highly competitive and crowded industry that we operate in, the breakthrough in the business model is even more noteworthy. We believe that this could be a game-changing approach to doing business in our industry and its entire eco-system

Kapil Mehan
Kapil Mehan Executive Director - Tata Chemicals Ltd.

…engaged for evolving an innovative approach to impact the rural economy by Tata Chemicals…Mr. Bhupendra Sharma led the initiative and provided rich inputs to develop the approach which is currently under pilot test…his sincerity, intensity of focus and insights had a significant influence and impact on our innovation journey….his passion for innovation emanates from his deep desire to contribute significantly to society…

photo credit: Strep72 via photopin cc