nXtlyf enables organizations to focus on future thinking by designing customized interventions and facilitating the application of these interventions.

nXtlyf works to catalyse the move from idea/activity fueled by individual motivation or passion, towards a developed and scalable business proposition.

nXtlyf evolves the proposition by identifying related advances/innovations to help the innovator visualize and actualize multiple possibilities of success and outcomes.

We work to align the opportunity in the idea to the approaches and processes adopted for generating value.

We enable innovators in key areas such as sourcing funds and other supports needed to actualize the opportunity.

Building a ‘relationally responsive’ engagement with the
key driver of the innovation-led project to address prejudices, biases and blindspots, which often block transformative shifts.

Our ‘Whatever it takes’ engagement model is contextually engaged and relationally responsive. This sets us apart from the general mentorship relationships in business incubation which tend to be formulaic, prescriptive or managed.

Customer appreciation

When I met Bhupendra, first in 2007, I was amazed by his innovative way of thinking. He worked with us on the Innovation for India Awards project and was instrumental in bringing out some real unique, scalable and sustainable innovations from across Business and Services Sectors. Bhupendra is capable of out of box thinking at the same time realistic and very focused on implementable solutions.

Namita Vikas, President & Chief Sustainability Officer at YES Bank Ltd



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