Future Sights India
India stands at crossroads today. The next twenty years present a period of tremendous opportunity as the centre of gravity in the global economy shifts from the West to the East. The Indian economy and its people are gaining wide recognition for not only the critical mass of talent and intelligence but also the drive to determine our destiny as a country.
Future Sights India has been conceptualized as an opportunity to collaborate with the citizens of India to build a unique, credible and home-grown point-of-view The purpose of Future Sights India is to create foresights for the emergence of India in the next 15 years. These foresights will then become the trigger both government bodies and the business community to create ideas and solutions relevant to the people of India.
To learn more: http://www.futuresightsindia.com

Look out for a book by Bhupendra Sharma to be published by Bloomsbury, sharing the insight of more than 20 years of the author’s experience in the Innovation training space. The book will highlight six unique innovations by Indian entrepreneurs/companies which have not been done anywhere else. This forms the fabric of this book as it attempts to explain the trials and triumphs in the journey.