Building a Generative Organization – one that is ready for unanticipated change .

Leadership teams in organizations need to foresee and anticipate future changes in the way that they run their businesses; the way they build an agenda for the next level of achievements and performance in the business; the way they build ownership to drive the new agenda beyond functional responsibilities. Nxtlyf facilitates customized interventions using its proprietary framework the ‘V-Map’ to help leadership teams in organisations develop a high degree of interpersonal connect with each other and with the purpose of the business. This enables them to look ahead and deliver new agendas, for the growth of the business.

Intervention Process

  • Assessment of current state
  • Alignment of outcomes and methodology
  • Retreat based offsite workshop
  • Follow up and follow through agenda


  • Higher degree of connect both at an Interpersonal level and at a business agenda level
  • Arriving at a ‘next agenda’ for the business
  • Renewed personal agenda to enhance contribution

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photo credit: Gwen Vanhee via photopin cc